What do you stand for?

We believe that everybody deserves and should be able to pursue meaningful engagement.

Equally important, we need our brilliant minds to tackle pressing issues.

This is our cause.

We feature opportunities to make a difference and offer employers to share their impact jobs with a large audience of exceptionally qualified and ambitious professionals.

Impactjobs has been founded by Gaudenz in 2013 (previously known as "Impactcareers") and is maintained by his professional search firm Biveroni & Associates as a pro bono initiative. B&A recruits for 100+ selected employers and serves more than 40'000 Impact Professionals every year in their career journey towards impact- and meaningful engagement.

Gaudenz has 10+ years of experience in recruitment, community & network development and conference management in various impact-related areas with a focus on Finance / Investing, Consulting, Entrepreneurship and C-Level roles.

Photo Gaudenz Biveroni
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